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Innov8 Learning Solutions empowers companies to reach their full potential by using proven learning methodologies in innovative ways.


Our Learning leads to measurable impact on your organization's business goals.


Break the rut, not the bank.


Messages that will get to your users, where they are, when they are ready for them.


Impact, Innovation, and Availability can only occur if users are actively engaged in their learning program.

Founder's Message

Learning happens. It is a part of being human, and employees will always find ways to do their jobs. Increasingly, business leaders are asking themselves a few key questions:

  • Are my employees learning how to do their job the right way, or the easy way?
  • Are my employees optimizing their performance?
  • Is my learning program having a tangible effect, or is it just making people feel good?
  • Is training really worth it, when most employees can Google answers?
I founded Innov8 Learning Solutions with a mission - to bring quality learning principles to quality organizations, affordably. Our fully customized approach means you are not getting a canned solution; you are getting a learning tool that will impact your business. High Tech, Low Tech, or No Tech, Innov8 Learning Solutions will work to grow your organization's bottom line.

Steve Caponigri, Head Innov8er

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